Verilog Class Lecture 1 (long)

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Sat Jan 31 22:13:54 CST 2009


I was going to log into the realtime lecture but life appended and I 
missed it.  So I downloaded the files you were kind enough to list.

After that I needed to upgrade the codec package in my Windows Media 
Player.  The codec download was too too automated and my Firefox did not 
play ball.  I then brought up Internet Explorer and saved the file. 
After running the file it still did not work.  So, as always with 
Microsoft, I rebooted and then it worked.

The lecture was low key and a good start.  I never felt I was losing the 
train of thought or drinking from a 6 inch fire hose and at the end I 
could at least look up some of the material and use it.

I sure would like a set of the viewgraphs probably best in Acrobat.  In 
the future I am sure I will want to go back and see this first lecture. 
  While I know the material is in the books, my mind latches on the 
material in the lecture.  We may want to pass this on to the folks 
putting on the lectures.

I ordered the Xilinx compiler ISE Design Suite 10.1 DVD.  You can 
download it for free but it is huge and the DVD is free but they ask for 
$12 for postage and handling.  Not bad for over 6 gigs of files.  See

for the downloads.  This DVD covers Windows, Red Hat and SUSE Linux.

It seemed to install but I have not stressed it yet with anything 
serious, in fact nothing even slightly humorous.

Terry recommended the book HDL Programming Fundamentals and Digital 
Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays.  I picked these 
up on eBay for less than $30 apiece.  The third book, FPGA Prototyping 
by VHDL Examples, seems to be unavailable at cheapskate prices so I am 
still looking but it looks like we are headed to Veralog rather than 
VHDL so maybe it is not needed, at least not for $75

It looks like this is a way to learn without having to buy a multi 
kilobuck software package etc for doing anything.  If I can make it 
through the lectures and I still feel comfortable, I will order up the 
development board and the "Charleston" front end to see if we can make 
it do something useful as an SDR.  I may even order these up earlier if 
it looks good.

I will try to build a library of the ISE design suite, the lectures/labs 
and the special codec file.  I would like to see several AMRAD members 
or just TACOS hangers on join in the lectures so we can interact and 
help each other over the hard spots and maybe even come up with some 
nifty code for John Schwacke's "Charleston" boards.  Comments please.

Thanks Terry for all your efforts to get us up to speed on all the fun.

Frank K0BRA

Terry Fox wrote:
> Here are the files of the first Verilog lecture.  I watched it in real-time.
> I also found that the Icarus Verilog simulator is available.  Do a google
> search.  It is available for both Windows and Linux.
> I am moving most of my tools to Linux at this point.  I have two Vista
> computers, including my newest one, just a few months old, and Vista-64.
> I've tried to load several hardware drivers (mostly USB) on it without
> success.  This has confirmed yet again that Windows is evil.  Now, if only
> Linux was easier.....  stupid magic incantations and sacrificing of chickens
> just to get away from command-line junk.
> Terry
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> ***** High Performance Software Defined Radio Discussion List *****
> The recording for Lecture 1 has been placed on Michael Kreeger's
> website.  Thanks to Michael for the following and for hosting/recording
> this lecture.
> Here is the list of the files in the Lecture01 directory.
> ChatLog_2009_01_29_17_16.rtf
> VerilogLecture_01_20090129.rtf
> Verilog01_reportDisplay.pdf
> VerilogLecture_01_20090129.wmv
> I have also started a webpage where you can download the Lecture 1
> recording and the Verilog labs you need.
> Let me know if you have any problems.  Lecture 2 will be this Monday Feb
> 2. 2009 from 4 - 5PM Pacific Standard Time.
> Kirk Weedman  KD7IRS
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