this is nothing short of remarkable...

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Sun Feb 1 08:25:59 CST 2009

Joseph Bento <joseph at> writes:

> I can't believe this product, though.  One watt of power for $39?   
> Sounds too good to be true.

Hooking the radio directly to the feed point of the antenna and
running power/data up there to it is not exactly a new trick, but I'm
sure the $39 model does not do a full watt - the page says "four
different models featuring up to 1000mW TX power and starting at $39
USD MSRP".  Even so, a weatherized ODU that is ethernet-fed and puts
out, say, 30mW (which is fairly standard for 802.11b wireless chip
sets) for $39 is a pretty amazing price point.


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