Fredrick MD Father's Day Hamfest

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Mon Feb 2 09:41:20 CST 2009

Gaithersburg MD and now the Fredrick MD Father's Day Hamfest.  What 
next?  I hope they find a solution.  Thanks to the LARG reflector for 
passing this along.

Do not forget the hamfest at Richmond Va this coming Saturday, Feb 7, at 
the racetrack.

Frank K0BRA

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 > From: Bob Moroney <windbrkr at>
 > To: FARC Mail List <farc at>
 > Date: 1/30/2009 10:55:48 PM
 > Subject: [FARC] 2009 Father's Day Hamfest - Canceled
 > As you may already have heard, the 2009 edition of our Father's Day
 > Hamfest has been canceled.
 > As you can imagine, the decision to do this was not an easy one.  It was
 > made only after extended discussion among the current officers of the
 > Frederick Amateur Radio Club and other members, who together brought
 > many years of experience with our Hamfest to the table.
 > I personally believe that this decision is in the best interests of our
 > Club at this time, in view of the many factors that have affected
 > Hamfest attendance in general in recent years.
 > But please, let me be clear that our decision only addresses our 2009
 > event.  In no way does it mean that the Frederick Amateur Radio Club
 > will never again host another Hamfest.  As the saying goes, "Stay tuned
 > for further developments".
 > Realistically, although we may not soon hold another event on the same
 > scale, or on Father's Day, or at the Frederick Fairgrounds, the members
 > of the FARC can certainly pull together to put on future FARC Hamfests
 > and/or similar Ham Radio gatherings and flea market events.
 > Again, stay tuned, and stay involved if you value this aspect of the Ham
 > Radio hobby.
 > For now, the immediate task that we can all help with is to make sure
 > that the local Ham community and others who have supported our Hamfest
 > in the past are made aware of the fact that there will NOT be a Father's
 > Day Hamfest in Frederick this year.
 > This will be difficult, perhaps impossible to do with 100% coverage.  I
 > have no doubt that some folks will go into autopilot mode on Father's
 > Day, 6/21/09, and show up at the Fairgrounds in spite of our best
 > efforts.  So please help in passing the word.  Perhaps we can keep those
 > numbers down, and prevent some frustration.
 > And finally, THANK YOU ALL for your support of the Frederick Amateur
 > Radio Club and the  many Father's Day Hamfests we've successfully
 > hosted, along with the other events and efforts we sponsor and
 > participate in.
 > The Frederick Amateur Radio Club will be meeting on Monday, 2/16/09, as
 > usual.  Obviously, Topic #1 will be to chart the best way forward from
 > where we are today.
 > If you're not the "stay tuned" type, and would like to help steer our
 > Club into the future, your attendance, participation and input will be
 > more than welcome.
 > 73, Bob K9CMR

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