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Tue Feb 3 07:40:41 CST 2009

Hi all,
Have a couple of minor needs.
Get back to me 'off list' if you want to deal.
ka2zev at yahoo.com
Basic Stamp 2 Chips.
I'm looking for a couple of Parallax Inc Basic Stamp 2 chips, better yet with the demo circuit board kits they sometimes come with. 
Let me know what you got. 
Have a project or three in mind.
RF Detector Probe.
I know the Heathkit, but willing to try another brand.
200MHz or better with a BNC connector for use with a scope.
For use with Power RF circuits of the type found in two way radios.
Midland Two Way Radios and accessories.
The gray Syntech 1 series or the black XTR series.
Looking for VHF Trunk  mount Syntech 1 units.
Orphans ok. (Control heads nice but not required.)
Mid Power under dash units are best. 
Let me know what you have and if you want to 'trade'.
Microphones, speakers, control heads, brackets.
Smart Tweezers
Some time back someone marketed a real neat LCR meter in built into the form of a tweezers. 
This was to make rapid ID of SMT parts. 
Right now Ebay prices for these are all over the dial from $25 up to a list of near $400. 
For me the cheaper the better. 
If you have one let me know if it will read down to 10pf?
Trades welcome.
Byronics Tiny Track 3 or 3+ units.
If you have module (s) that you have not been able to use get back to me.
I am willing to trade a built up ready to rock APRS tracker for a few modules and or GPS pucks.  

CD 4004 or CD 4049 chips.
Need a few Hex Inverters that will run on 12 volts.
600 ohm  1 to 1 transformers
Small size, suitable for PCB fab work.
Packet TNC
Need a simple / basic Packet TNC that speaks either RS 232 or USB.
Plus a CDR of the program. 
This is mostly to support my APRS Tracker projects.
If I think of anything else, I will post it here.
Thanks in advance.

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