Norman Augustine on the future of the US

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Sat Feb 7 09:49:22 CST 2009

I'm sure you see it on a daily basis, Phil.  As a professor, what is  
the ratio of foreign born students to British nationals in your  
classes?  What is the ratio of foreign to native students that  
complete their studies and actually graduate?  Upon graduation, how  
many foreign students remain in the UK to apply their newfound wealth  
of knowledge to benefit the UK?

Knowing the similarities of the UK and US, the domestic engineering  
jobs are rapidly disappearing where a graduate can even find a job in  
the science fields.  The jobs that exist are frequently not filled by  
Americans or Britons respectively.

Interestingly, despite the horrid economy, my company is still hiring  
Ph.D.  mechanical and electrical engineers.  None of our recent Ph.D.  
hirings have been American born.

It's alarming to see the disinterest of any of the sciences among our  
native population.  Training for a cashier at Wal-Mart or a  
'manufacturing job' at McDonalds does not speak well for our future.

Joe, N6DGY

On Feb 7, 2009, at 5:50 AM, Philip Miller Tate wrote:

> At least the west still leads the world in eloquence and oratory.
> Some great quotes in there.
> "My dear Prime Minister, are you aware of the cost of education for
> all?"
> "I am, sir. Are you aware of the cost of ignorance?"
> Phil M1GWZ
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