Re Expanding broadband to bail out economies ???

Dave - WB6DHW brainerd at
Fri Feb 27 03:09:22 CST 2009

  I am definatly keeping Wildblue until something better or cheaper 
comes along.  They are surprising.  I have had the system go down for 
maintance after midnight sometimes.  I call up their 800 number and get 
a real American in the USA that actually knows what they are talking about!
  The owner of the local grocery store did start up a wireless 802.11 
system.  But, he never came to do a site survey after I filled out the 
form.  Plus, his max speed is 512K down for $49.95/mo.  There is hope, 
however.   My neighbor(a ham) works for the local cell phone 
company(Inland Cellular).  They just put up a new cell tower near 
here(until about 8 months ago, cell phones would not work in town).  
But, he has been trying to get the high speed internet equipment and the 
company says they have not been able to get all the required 
approvals.   By the way, on the 5.5 miles of road between here and the 
edge of town, there are a total of 10 houses and most don't have computers!
  But, it is a very good ham location.  I am on a ridge 1650' above town 
at 2850 feet elevation.  On a clear day I can see 4. states(Oregon, 
Washington, Idaho, and Montana) and beautiful scenery plus lack of a lot 
of the city regulations and hassles. If I have to wait for 3 cars to go 
by when coming out of the grocery store in town, I complain about the 
traffic!  Idaho county is 8500 square miles(largest in Idaho) with 14000 
people and 1 stoplight (in the county seat of Grangeville)30 miles from 
here). Cows out number people and Deer come almost up to the house.

Dave - WB6DHW

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