Re Expanding broadband to bail out economies ???

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OK, I get it sort of.  First, I have a bean here.  Next I have three 
shells and then I move them all around while talking fast and furious. 
Finally, tell me which shell the bean is underneath.

Motorola tested and demonstrated a system to ARRL that both worked and 
did not interfere in the ham bands.  With a wave of the hand, IBM may 
have something under the shell or maybe not or they will just punt. 
Where is their BPL?

Oh yes.  One more thing, the BPL systems do not go much further than 300 
feet from injector to injector unless they have the transmit level 
turned up past the Part 15 levels.  I do not see these distances being 
useful in rural systems.

I need to get out my all digital Ouija board to figure this all out.  I 
think I feel a headache coming on.  Meanwhile, don't give up your 
WildBlue satellite system.  It may still be the best you can get.  Folks 
here in Washington are out having a smoke-in with some really funny 
smelling stuff while mumbling BPL... BPL... BPL...

Frank K0BRA

Dave wrote:
>   Being in one of those rural areas (north-central Idaho) where there is 
> no DSL, no cable, and voice only cell towers and lots of mountains and 
> valleys, I would love to see it.  But, I am not going to hold my 
> breath.  Every time someone comes up with a new broadband plan to help 
> the rural areas, it gets deployed in the big cities.   For now I will 
> have to be happy with Wildblue(2 way satellite) at $79.97/mo for 1.5Mbit 
> down/256K up.
> Dave - WB6DHW
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