antenna for 80 and 160

Michael O'Dell mo at
Sat Feb 28 21:43:57 CST 2009

i've been noodling over whether i'd have enough
room at the new house for a horizontal loop
antenna that could go all the way down to 160.
doing so would need a remote *balanced* tuner
so i've been looking around the net for those.

while i was doing that, i tuned the Icom down
to 80 to take a listen and was gobsmacked.
i heard a couple of real QSOs and some RTTY,
but much of it had me checking the mode to
see if I had somehow gotten on the AM Broadcast
band! ranting and raving, people stepping on
each other left and right, sermons, screeds,
and a couple of signals with audio that sounded
like it was from one of the classic "X" trans-border
rock-n-roll stations of old. listening to guys
go on about their "racks" of audio processors
was pretty amusing, i admit.

and there does seem to be a contest of some
kind on 160, although it sounds like a
whistling contest!

but i'm wondering whether i should worry about
the "high" bands....


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