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Subject: OT   One of the original Voices of WWV Passed away
Date: Tuesday 10 March 2009 3:22 am
From: Paul Webster <ka9jwx at yahoo.com>

The recorded voice of Time and Frequency Station WWV has fallen silent. This
with word that announcer Don Elliot Heald, of Atlanta, Georgia, who gave WWV
its human touch passed away on Thursday, February 19th.

Known in the broadcast world as Don Elliot, Heald had distinguished career
that ranged from work at Atlanta Georgia's WSB to his automated and
internationally heard WWV broadcasts on shortwave. He was also the voice of
the Audichron telephone dial-in Time-Weather-Temperature service and of the
Protestant Hour radio show for over 40 years. For nearly five decades Heald
narrated the televised Christmas Eve service from Atlanta's Episcopal
Cathedral of St. Philip, where he served as a vestryman, junior warden and
senior warden.

Heald was originally from Massachusetts, but came to Atlanta via Lakeland,
Florida. He was a graduate of the University of Florida at Gainesville and
began his broadcast career after graduation when he accepted a position at
WRUF where remained for three years. In Atlanta he spent much of his spare
time devoted to public service work with charities and civic clubs.

A Service of Celebration of Don Elliot Heald's life took place on Tuesday
February 24th at the Cathedral of St. Philip. He is survived by his wife Sara
Farmer Heald of Atlanta, GA; sons and daughters-in- law David and Deborah of
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Tom and Evelyn Heald and Frank and Mary Heald of
Atlanta. Don Elliot Heald was 86.


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