High Voltage

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A regular flat blade screwdriver on the end of a ground wire works dandy for that.  It should slide in between the rubber cap and the electrode on the CRT.  You may also want to short across any large capacitors you may find.

Once you have the CRTs off, you'll want to depressurize them as well.  If you pry the plastic bit off the socket end of the CRT you'll see a little nipple there - that's the vacuum seal.  Drape an old heavy blanket around the CRT and wearing eye protection etc., crush the vacuum seal with a heavy pair of pliers.  That loud sucking sound is the CRT depressurizing safely.

Here's the howto:


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 I found a big projection TV.  I'm scrappingit out for the lenses and the screen. It has three CRTs in it.  Ibelieve you must ground the high voltage wire that enters the side ofthe tube.  Can I sharpen a screwdriver and clamp on a wire pigtail withan alligator clip to do this?  Of course I would use a plastic handledscrewdriver, but would that provide enough insulation?  Any other HighVoltages on the set I must watch out for?
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