High Voltage

Bob Bruhns bbruhns at erols.com
Tue Mar 24 10:00:18 CDT 2009

Alex - I think it's a good idea to discharge those things, because they 
can cause a painful shock.  A good chassis ground on a screwdriver with 
a plastic handle is fine.  The plastic insulation is actually redundant 
protection, since the blade is grounded to the chassis, but redundant 
protection is good.

I would not use a clip lead for this grounding connection, because I 
have had too much trouble with clip leads over the years.  I would 
somehow clamp a #22 (or some such size) wire directly to the blade, and 
to the chassis of the unit, and do it... pry up the rubber insulator 
with the grounded screwdriver blade and find where the spring clip goes 
in, and touch the metal with the chassis-grounded blade.  Usually the HV 
contact metal on the kinescope is gray, and the wire contact is usually 
chrome or bright metal.  Touching either one does the job, but make sure 
that you get the contact and not some other thing.

There is a good chance that there is no voltage present, so you may not 
see any spark.  Discharge it anyway.

   Bob, WA3WDR

Alex Fraser wrote:
> I found a big projection TV.  I'm scrapping it out for the lenses and 
> the screen. It has three CRTs in it.  I believe you must ground the 
> high voltage wire that enters the side of the tube.  Can I sharpen a 
> screwdriver and clamp on a wire pigtail with an alligator clip to do 
> this?  Of course I would use a plastic handled screwdriver, but would 
> that provide enough insulation?  Any other High Voltages on the set I 
> must watch out for?
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