AMRAD Wiki at Timonium Hamfest

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Tue Mar 24 23:50:24 CDT 2009

As many will recall, Rob Seastrom and Maitland Bottoms gave a 
presentation at the January 2009 meeting on the new AMRAD Wiki.  André 
Kesteloot set up a video camera and recorded the presentation and 

I got a DVD from André and wanted to convert it to a better format for 
posting on our web site.  After some searching and trial, error and some 
dead ends the program AutoGK or Automatic Gordian Knot was used to 
create a 420 Mb avi file was created.

That file has been posted to the AMRAD web page.  Go to the web page and 
look towards the bottom for "news".  Go there and then scroll to the 
bottom and you will find the Wikipresentation.

I could not find a good free ware viewer that could stream the video. 
It seems the viewers want to download the entire file before any can be 
viewed.  Nonetheless, if you can wait for the whole download you can 
view the video.  In addition, you can view the slides from the files on 
the Wiki.

The hamfest at Timonium is this coming Saturday and I will be showing 
the video and giving out some CDs of the video to people joining AMRAD. 
  We will be encouraging people to join us and to put together their 
knowledge to the AMRAD Wiki so everyone can share in what they have 
learned.  Hopefully, we can reach a critical mass and get some good 
stuff up on our web before we run out of hard drive space.  Given that 
Microcenter is now selling 1 TB drives for less than $100 we can keep 
adding drives as members post more material.

Come by our display in the main building next to ARRL.  You can all 
spend some time telling our story to the folks dropping by.  The big 
show is Saturday as well as some coming by on Sunday.

Frank K0BRA

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