Remarkable briefing on the Lone Grove tornado

Michael O'Dell mo at
Tue Mar 10 10:15:34 CDT 2009 

the "Ardmore" on the maps is my home town, Ardmore OK.

my brother Kevin, N0IRW, lives north of town
and was out as a SkyWarn spotter when the
tornado happened.

he saw it touch down about
3 miles south of Lone Grove and then followed it
north and east as it curved around and hit the
area where he lives. his house was fine - lost
a small number of shingles but nothing else -
but the houses about 200 yards further north
of him simply disappeared.

there was a brick schoolhouse which was hit.
brick structures simply disintegrate in an EF4 tornado and
the school was right next to a large pecan orchard down on
the river bottom-land. the sandblasting
delivered by the 10-20 tons of busted brick and
concrete blocks driven at 150+mph reduced the
entire orchard to pieces about the size of toothpicks.

"Southern Oklahoma - where we do severe weather professionally."


PS - the National Severe Storms Forecast Center is in Norman, OK,
about 90 miles north of Ardmore (and home of OU). it's there
because if there's a severe thunderstorm in the US, the probability
is *well* north of 50% it's within 200 miles of there.

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