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Sat Apr 11 16:58:54 CDT 2009

Yup - the femtocell is an utterly brilliant scam
good enough to have a 914 area code.

the cellular carriers use the Internet connection you pay for,
probably to another company, to backhaul your cellphone traffic
to their IP cellular core, avoiding the use of their RF channel
bandwidth so they can oversell it even more - and you pay
*them* to do it!

you are paying for the build-out they aren't doing to provide
adequate coverage in residential areas

once again, the residential consumers are subsidizing
the business customers, just like it used to be!

oh yeah - i'm gonna go out and buy one of those *real soon now*.
i'd happily buy an RF repeater, but i'm not using my internet
connection to subsidize their business


ps - the old "common wisdum" that business subsidized residential
phone users was not true for the last 30 years of wire-line

WB4JFI wrote:
> AT&T supposedly has one coming out soon.  They don't use RF to connect 
> to a nearby cell site, instead they use your broadband as the backhaul 
> to the carrier.   I'm interested in using one, since my AT&T cells don't 
> work in my house.  But, I'm not sure what the cost is.   Yea, the lingo 
> is a little warped....   Terry  
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>     I just learned about these. 
>     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femtocell
>     Anybody got one?
>     Love the lingo
>     "
>           Home Node B (HNB <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Node_B>)
>     In May 2008, the 3GPP completed a feasibility study of femtocell
>     network architectures. Architectures including *Cellular Base
>     Station*, *Collapsed Stack* and *UMA/GAN* were evaluated. As a
>     result, the 3GPP is pursuing a new Home Node B
>     <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Node_B> (or HNB) reference
>     architecture which builds on elements from both the Collapsed Stack
>     and UMA/GAN approaches.
>     As the 3GPP completes the formal standard towards at the end of
>     2008, vendors and operators will migrate to support this new
>     architecture for 3G <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3G> femtocells.
>     Note the 3GPP refers to 3G femtocells as Home Node Bs (HNBs)."
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