I have become a multitrillionare!

Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 12 21:28:50 CDT 2009


It had to happen.  Zimbabwe's inflation became unsustainable with
percentages now requiring a number followed by 15 zeros, more or less.
When the leader of a country owns the printing presses for the currency,
he can make himself and everyone wealthy.  This is not the last time we
will see this approach to paying the country's bills.

Seizing the opportunity, I leaped at the chance to purchase


of Zimbabwe currency from an "unsuspecting" vendor on eBay and he was 
not even from Nigeria. I now contemplate how I will spend my newfound 
wealth.  There will be some new radios in my future.  See


I am expecting the arrival of my wealth by armored truck in only a few
days.  You can expect me to be most generous in sharing my newfound wealth.

Frank K0BRA

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