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Robert Stratton bob at stratton.net
Sat Apr 25 15:47:33 CDT 2009

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> http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Hacker_Spaces

I have wanted (cost permitting) to find some flex space for ages now where there would be room to both do some tinkering and perhaps to run a collection of antique computers and radio gear. 

The L0pht guys in Boston had a great space with a variety of different things (old computers, radio experimentation, etc) going on for years. The DC space, from the sound of it is pretty small, so running mainframes is probably out of the question. I would think the suburbs should have some reasonably appropriate space. Ideally I'd want some low-rise with a nice big loading door.

I think the other challenge is perhaps finding some space in a nice building with roof rights for antenna placement and power up there. 

The growth of these places is a pleasant refresher from the (seemingly to me) anti-science bias that appears to be overtaking everything.

I don't know what's made it harder for tyro experimenters - the rise of surface mount technology or the admonitions that if people throw out unfamiliar trash (heaven forbid there be some former chemical container in there), carry "strange equipment", take pictures of pretty much anything, or carry two mobile phones, that citizens should call in reports of suspicious proto-terrorists. I'm not kidding, they have billboards in the UK now to that effect. 

Sorry for the rant, it's a pet peeve of mine. Then I'm reminded of the movie about Thomas Edison where he kept getting evicted and thrown off trains due to his infernal devices. So maybe things haven't changed all that much after all. 


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