AMRAD at Hamvention 2009

fgentges at fgentges at
Fri May 8 15:45:13 CDT 2009

AMRAD has club spaces at Hamvention 2009.  Our main space is 4019 which 
is next to fence on the same side of the flea market as the tents from 
Mendelssohn's. We will have chairs and a chance to sit down and help us 
talk to prospective new members.   Members can bring along things they 
want to sell.

I have made up a downloadable map from Google Maps but the overhead 
picture was not taken during Hamvention so the flea market is empty. The 
map is downloadable from the web site down at the end of the 
page under "News".  Bring a copy and you should be able to find us.  I 
will put up the AMRAD banner to help find the space.

Frank K0BRA

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