AMRAD at Hamvention 2009

Bob Bruninga bruninga at
Fri May 8 22:22:02 CDT 2009

> We will have chairs and a chance to sit 
> down and help us talk to prospective 
> new members.   

Remember, this year at Dayton, there will be an APRStt (Touchtone) gateway.  Meaning anyone with any old HT with a DTMF keypad can report his position anywhere at Hamvention (to nearest 100 feet) using only a single X and Y digit (00 to 99) see the map on

Of course, to know WHO is where, you have to pre-program your CALLSIGN into a DTMF memory.  When you want to report where you are, you send the callsign memory, then manually key in Bxy#.  The B key means a POSIT, the X and Y digits are from the map grid on the web page above, and # marks the end of data.

So if someone would put up an APRS display at the AMRAD space, then ALL AMRAD wanderers can report where they are at any time with only those 4 key strokes on the APRStt channel (which will be 146.58).

The APRStt gateway inside the arena will convert these DTMF strings to an APRS packet over on the APRS channel so everyone can see everyone.

> I have made up a downloadable map from 
> Google Maps 

A similar one was loaded on the UIVIEW yahoo groups site, so that everyone would be looking at a good map of the buildings and flea market area that was using UIview.


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