AMRAD at Hamvention 2009

wb5mmb wb5mmb at
Sun May 10 08:46:42 CDT 2009

Bar entrance is around boundary of  grid 65 and grid 64.

At 09:24 AM 5/10/2009, Philip Miller Tate wrote:
>Thanks Bob, you have confirmed what I originally thought. I can see
>that in certain environments and situations, APRS has some important
>uses. However, I can't see it benefiting the way that most people I
>know operate at Hamvention. Admittedly, I was neglecting to take note
>of the fact that there are other people at Hamvention - quite a few,
>actually! - who operate in a different manner, e.g. stallholders who
>are not continuously on the move. Your points are gratefully accepted.
>PS. There's a bar at Hamvention? Why did nobody tell me this before? :-)

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