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> I know it's a little late to be thinking 
> of modding the software (or maybe not if 
> you like living dangerously), but wouldn't 
> a BOOTH NUMBER be a far superior way of 
> entering one's location rather than looking
> it up on a grid?  Booth number to grid 
> translation is low art.

Yes, that is an ideal application for APRStt.  Does anyone want to take a crack at the algorithm?  I think it would be very easy in the flea market, maybe only a few rules.  IN doors, it would take a lot of rules inside each pavilion.  But it can be done!  ANyone?

Once we finish APRStt, then it should eventually have this flixibility.  For marathons, it can be simply a table of 26 entries.  But for something like Hamvention, it wouild take several rules.


>"Bob Bruninga " <bruninga at> writes:
>>> We will have chairs and a chance to sit 
>>> down and help us talk to prospective 
>>> new members.   
>> Remember, this year at Dayton, there will be an APRStt (Touchtone) gateway.  Meaning anyone with any old HT with a DTMF keypad can report his position anywhere at Hamvention (to nearest 100 feet) using only a single X and Y digit (00 to 99) see the map on 
>> Of course, to know WHO is where, you have to pre-program your CALLSIGN into a DTMF memory.  When you want to report where you are, you send the callsign memory, then manually key in Bxy#.  The B key means a POSIT, the X and Y digits are from the map grid on the web page above, and # marks the end of data.
>> So if someone would put up an APRS display at the AMRAD space, then ALL AMRAD wanderers can report where they are at any time with only those 4 key strokes on the APRStt channel (which will be 146.58).
>> The APRStt gateway inside the arena will convert these DTMF strings to an APRS packet over on the APRS channel so everyone can see everyone.
>>> I have made up a downloadable map from 
>>> Google Maps 
>> A similar one was loaded on the UIVIEW yahoo groups site, so that everyone would be looking at a good map of the buildings and flea market area that was using UIview.
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