Digital TV?

Michael O'Dell mo at
Thu May 21 07:37:23 CDT 2009

several of the chips designed to ramrod set-top-boxes
have hardware for encoding and decoding MPEG-*.
several of these chips run Linux, too.

Broadcom and Marvell make such parts and I believe
Freescale makes one (or several).

there is a board for one of TI's new OAMP parts which
is being sold through Digikey which runs Linux and
has lots of goodies on it, not the least of which is
video codec hardware. the part is designed for high-end
smart-phones so it can drive a color LCD and other cute
things as well. the DSPs (there are two) can do "media
processing" as well as baseband for cellular, so you
might have a nice combo SDXceiver and video flanger
if your luck and stamina hold out. (grin)


Dan Romanchik KB6NU wrote:
> For our Ham Radio at the Hands-On Museum project 
> (, we want to set 
> up a television station. My first thought was to buy a transmitter from 
> PC Electronics that sends standard-scan analog TV.  Then, I got to 
> thinking, why bother with that? If our goal is to show that we're at 
> least up with current technology, then shouldn't we be doing digital TV?
> So, where can I find information on digital TV?  Is anyone making gear 
> or am I going to have to make it myself?
> 73!
> Dan KB6NU
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