A Nevel Use for Facebook

Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Wed May 27 12:15:24 CDT 2009

i have a vivid memory of my first briefing when the briefer told a
story of a guy who was having a beverage in a bar in Tysons Corner.
he had also forgot to tuck his badge inside his jacket.

he was approached by a big guy in a heavy black coat and distinctive
fur hat carrying a briefcase.  the big guy put the briefcase on the
bar and opened it. it contained money - a *LOT* of genuine US legal
tender. the man with the money asked if the guy with the badge could
help supply certain information. he managed to keep his cool and
excused himself to use the head, at which point he used the payphone
(it's been a while) to make a phone call.

Following instructions, he went back to the bar and found that the big
guy was simply working his way down the bar hoping to score.

so it ain't like it didn't happen before the internet. (grin)


PS - yes, this story could have been made-up for effect,
but it did have the desired effect.

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