PBS TV CH 22 and 32.. GONE.. ideas?

Glenn Baumgartner gbaumgartner2 at cox.net
Tue Jun 16 19:59:20 CDT 2009

Any of our Tacoistas have a good story on why PBS is simply not available on COX cable any more.  Money, specs, business decision by COX?   I know I have an upset wife and I really don't understand the story she got from COX.  Anyone fill me in?  Something about an 800 channel number an a new box. 
    It seems that ALL the other channels that have gone HD are converted quite nicely and available on COX on the same channel numbers as before and with possibly a better quality pix.  Not 22 and 32.. a bit odd to say the least.  KA0ESA.. Glenn b.  
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