PBS TV CH 22 and 32.. GONE.. ideas?

Tom Azlin, N4ZPT n4zpt at cox.net
Wed Jun 17 11:46:57 CDT 2009


I have one of the earlier Cox HD boxes with a DVR. The 700 block is
Cox's normal digital/HD tier. Until this discussion I had not focused on
the 800 block which I thought was music. Guess that is changing now.

73, Tom n4zpt

WB4JFI wrote:
> Hey Glenn, is channel 26 (WETA) still there?  If so, Cox may have made the
> decision to run only one PBS affiliated station on the basic tier.  Since
> I'm not there any longer, I really don't know other than that.
> It sounds like the other PBS stations have been moved to a digital tier,
> requiring one of their digital boxes.  If I remember, the 800-numbered
> channels was Cox's digital tier.
> Terry

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