PBS TV CH 22 and 32.. GONE.. ideas?

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Wed Jun 17 13:47:02 CDT 2009

One stations expierence

Channel 8, WGAL  Lancaster had great pictures on analog
as well as digital ,, after the cut their signal became 
very weak,,, Turns out that they were running 190 Kw on their UHF digital
channel as well as 180 Kw on their analog channel ( 8 )
upon cutting the analog off the air they had to return to their
(8) frequency and at a mandated 7.8 Kw,, well Lancaster covers a lot of
locating providing programming and emergency info to folk that dont want 
any more than that. They really lost OTA coverage,, they were given the
go ahead to increase their
signal to 8.1 Kw which at my house,, made it lock up at times,, I expect
that they will increase
power again ,,, hope so. I am LOS to their TX facility and their signal
is just about 
able to lock Up.

My one converter box has an S meter which I suspect is a digital quality
meter but 
it helps in peaking signals,,, -I bet other areas are having the same
major loss in OTA
signal coverage

Gonna put up a bigger UHF antenna to be able to see Hagerstown MPBS
any info on how their coverage is after the cut

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