Tropo-scatter site on Card Sound Road....

Mike O'Dell mo at
Wed Jun 17 15:04:27 CDT 2009

I was playing with Google Earth to see if i could 
get a better idea of what it is, and yes siree bob!

There's a tropo scatter site on Card Sound Road just
"logical north" of Alabama Jacks (far south florida)

i was trying to guess where it was pointed because
i don't remember seeing anything that looked like
it might be the mate down the Keys (and it's flat
enough that hiding much is hard). seems to be pointed
about 45 degrees west of south - hmmm could it be Gitmo?

i'll have to go looking. (grin)

but i thought someone on the list might just "know"
for some odd, random reason, and might even be able
to admit it. (grin)


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