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Thu Jul 9 14:19:31 CDT 2009


Do not miss Bill Fenn's, N4TS, talk on digital TV with some show and 
tell demos at tonight's meeting.  He has been up close and personal with 
the conversion of Channel 4 from analog to digital.

I will be at the meeting tonight and everyone can let me know if they 
want PCBs for the Charleston SDR.

If you want one and cannot make the meeting, send me an email as I will 
probably get the order off in the morning.  I don't have a hard quote 
but it should be less than $50, hopefully half of that.

In addition, you will need to buy a Digilent NEXSYS 2 with either the 
500k ($129.00 + shipping) or 1200k ($169.00 + shipping)gate option.

At the same time we are working on a quick start DVD that will have a 
lot of what you will need to bring the receiver up and in a position to 
start FPGA programming.

Other than the building the Charleston PCB and buying the Digilent 
board, you should be able to download or use the quick start DVD for 
what you will need.  We are also working on getting the tutorial on 
Verilog programming on DVDs for anyone interested.

Of course, you may choose to buy some text books to learn all the scoop 
on FPGAs.

Frank K0BRA

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