Neat wiring is everything

Samudra Haque samudra.haque at
Tue Jul 14 14:59:45 CDT 2009

You guys have it wrong, the reason why they want to have that kind of
mess (btw, it is not much better with an all digital network, in fact
it is easier to do the following) : job security. There are a certain
number of engineers, techs, managers who are the only people who know
which wires go to where, and how and therefore they are also
co-incidentally the most valuable persons in the telecom industry
(e.g., $ income in excess of meager monthly salary). Why work hard and
keep records when you can do a lousy job and keep your job security
(for life) instead of keeping everything well maintained so you can be
fired and replaced?

I know of a single individual who has the entire record of all
frequency assignments (LF, HF, .... all to 300 GHz) and he has kept
this knowledge in a highly concise manner in his personal diary, and
he is still "in need" after retirement in Bangladesh for the
telecommuncation regulatory commission. All ham radio  operators in
S21 land know of this person and I am sure all vendors/users of radio
networks know him too.

73 de

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