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Mercedes has had a similar system since the late 90s called Distronic:

As I recall Volvo just introduced one as well.


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Delphi Corp., Ford Motor Company Launch Advanced Affordable Radar In 2010 Taurus 
8:30am EDT 

Delphi Corp. and Ford Motor Company announced that they are launching first multimode electronically scanning radar (ESR) in the 2010 Ford Taurus, the family sedan segment's first vehicle to offer an advanced forward collision warning system enabled by the technologically advanced ESR. Delphi's multimode electronically scanning radar is helping Ford to offer an affordable adaptive cruise control system that features collision warning with brake support. 

More from another site 

I can't wait to see what hacks come out of this technology. It's got to be a boon to autonomous vehicle folks. I'm curious as to the frequencies and powers involved in the radars, anyone know about those? How do they keep two Tarusii (the plural of Taurus?) from jamming each other? 
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