New Dulles Repeater

fgentges at fgentges at
Thu Jul 30 15:57:18 CDT 2009


We have a new (new to the Dulles site) ready to install at the CIT site. 
  We are planning on doing this next Tuesday, 4 August.  We are looking 
for any of you that would like to come along and help us drag it up one 
set of stairs above the elevator.  Nothing is too heavy as it all breaks 
down into individual chassis and I have a cart.  This is a great chance 
for those of you that are interested in being a control operator to see 
just what it looks like.

For those interested, the new repeater is a GE MastrII with a Pion & 
Simon controller.  We have added a second UHF control link alongside for 
  last chance control.  It has worked in my lab for several months and 
has been solid.

We will meet at my lab and depart around 10 AM on Tuesday.  Send me an 
email if interested or see me at the Berryville hamfest on Sunday.

Frank K0BRA

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