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Er, sorry - did you write, "... that WILL form ..."?

Phil M1GWZ

On 31 Jul 2009, at 17:47, Alberto di Bene wrote:

> Alex Fraser wrote:
>>  Would you say this project is more complex than the moon  
>> landing?  I'm grasping for a metric on complexity.
> I am not familiar with the landing on the Moon (never been  
> there... :-), so I can't gauge its complexity.
> I don't know if they had to bring about 1600 superconducting  
> magnets at less than 2 Kelvin using many tens of tons of
> liquid helium, or to dig a tunnel 27 km in circumference at about  
> 100m underground.
> A difference I can spot are the consequences of possible errors in  
> the underlying theory. In the case of Moon landing,
> had the scientists made errors in their computations, only the life  
> of three persons was at risk.
> In the case of the LHC, if the computations done on the size and  
> the lifespan of the micro black holes that will form
> as a consequence of the proton - antiproton collisions are wrong,  
> well, the existence of the earth itself is at risk....
> But all the physicists (me included) are confident that those micro  
> black holes will evaporate in no time, as predicted
> by the theory of Hawking-Bekenstein...  see  http:// 
> And if Hawking and Bekenstein were wrong, well, nobody will have a  
> chance to complain....  :-)
> To follow the current status of the LHC at CERN, go here :     
> 73  Alberto  i2PHD
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