Working on a useful APRS project

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Fri Jul 31 15:14:05 CDT 2009

Where can I get some of these GPS units?
Bob, WB4aPR

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> All,     Lee N6UDP turned me on to an inexpensive GPS puck 
> sutable for APRS applications. The pucks I have been using 
> run about $70 each. These start at $37 each.     With a 
> simple connector change it can be pressed into service. Did 
> the connector change last night based on this sketch. 
> 27/     This is a track from this mornings trip into work. As 
> you can see KA2ZEV-7 works well. 
> See if you can spot any errors in the sketch.     When I 
> convert a second one, there will be more photography.     
> Thanks in advance Mike KA2ZEV
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