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are there any expectations to proof any quantum theories,,, I gave a talk
at church
on the fact that if we are part of the interdependent web of all
then strings and branes may be what holds us to the other side
Odd I know I confuse my self at times     HAR


Alberto di Bene wrote: 
Yes. At those energy levels (7 TeV each proton), the formation of micro
black holes is almost certain.
As it is almost certain that they will quickly evaporate.          If
Hawking and Bekenstein were right.....

As a matter of fact, the rate of production of micro black holes has been
estimated to be roughly one per second,
when the LHC will be at full luminosity. That will happen when the energy
will reach 14 Tev in the center of mass. 
The best estimates say not before about mid 2010.

A CERN document on the micro black holes can be found here :

73  Alberto  I2PHD
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