Added code to AMRAD web site

Terry Fox tfox at
Fri Jul 31 20:41:49 CDT 2009

I have added the bit files and specview exe files to the sdr page of the
AMRAD web site.

There are now four bit files available:
1.  John's original file for a 1.2M Nexys2 board (with 80.0MHz oscillator).
2.  Terry's modified original file for a 500k Nexys2 (with 80.0MHz osc).
3.  Terry's modified file for 1.2M Nexys2 with proper IQ sequence, and
76.8MHz oscillator.
4.  Terry's modified file for 500k Nexys2 with proper IQ sequence, and
76.8MHz osc.

I also uploaded JUST THE EXE FILEs for now of John's specview.exe Windows
program.  One is his original, which tunes to 10.0MHz at start, and uses an
80.0MHz osc for calculations, and I/Q are reversed.

The second is one that I changed, which starts at 7.15MHz (I think), is set
for 76.8MHz osc, and has the IQ sequence corrected.

The first one needs cygwin1.dll moved into c:\Windows\System32.  My modified
one needs three dlls moved into that folder, as I ahve not been able to get
them statically linked using the cygwin tools.  There is a zipped file
containing all three dlls also on teh web site, so just unzip the files and
move them to c:\windows\System32.

Source code can be uploaded once I get it all cleaned up.  Right now, there
are a bunch of unnecessary files included in each project.  I plan to
recreate the majot projects without the excess baggage, then zip up those
files, as I get time.

Having the DLLs there is probably not a good idea, but until I can fix the
linking issue, they are needed.

I realize that this is jumping the gun a little, but I want to make sure the
stuff is out there before some boards get fired up.

All for now.

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