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Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at aol.com
Tue Aug 4 14:25:44 CDT 2009

Don't worry, Frank. 50 kW is nothing compared with what Vatican City  
Radio used to expose the faithful to as it spread the word - until  
they were asked to turn it down. It's interesting to note that all  
the Russian blowtorches that used to spread Soviet propaganda world- 
wide were quickly snapped up by Evangelical broadcasters. Mike  
Tuggle, a leading light in the crystal set DX community, once  
suggested to me that if every AM transmitter between Ireland and  
China were reduced in power by a factor of ten, nobody in Europe  
would notice the difference. I think he's right.

Phil M1GWZ

On 4 Aug 2009, at 18:27, fgentges at mindspring.com wrote:

> Norm,
> The WAGE owners, New World Radio, has submitted to the FCC to build  
> a 50kw directional AM station.  They are looking to be on the air  
> the first quarter of 2010 according to this article.  That is not  
> very long.
> The new location is just off of the Loudoun County Parkway a short  
> distance up from Rt7 on a swampy area that the county has built a  
> water and/or sewage plant on.  You will know the place when you see  
> a sign about it being a wildlife reserve.
> Someone posted on the LARG reflector about the application with the  
> FCC some time back and I went over to the coordinates to see just  
> where is is going to be.
> It is not too far from my lab and I wonder if I will get RF burns  
> off of my screwdrivers here.  Your quietness there will be replaced  
> by my having an intense RF field.  :-)
> Frank K0BRA
> AI2C - Norm Styer wrote:
>>  Interesting:
>>  http://www.leesburg2day.com/articles/2009/08/04/loudoun_business/ 
>> 99948wage080309.txt <http://www.leesburg2day.com/articles/ 
>> 2009/08/04/loudoun_business/99948wage080309.txt>
>>  It's really quiet up here on Canby - Hi Hi.
>>                  Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C
>>   Canby - Clarkes Gap - Loudoun - Northern Virginia
>>                May The Morse Come To You  !!!
>>  NNNN
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