Charleston First Board Buy

Frank Gentges Metavox LLC metavox at
Wed Aug 5 22:00:48 CDT 2009


The Charleston SDR is getting popular.  We now have commitments for all 
10 group buy boards and I think all of the Digilent NEXSYS2 boards.  I 
need to do a final clean up of the parts lists and get them on order. 

We will try and set up one or more building sessions at the lab to use 
the stencil and solder paste to first lay down the paste on all the 
pads.  Then we will use the Mantis microscope to put each part in place 
with tweezers etc.   Finally, we will use some hot air and an OK 
soldering hot plate to reflow the solder. 

You will all become better people for the experience.

I hope we can set up another group buy and construction once we have 
finished this one.

Frank K0BRA

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