New DARG Repeater now in operation

fgentges at fgentges at
Fri Aug 7 14:55:53 CDT 2009

We went up with Dodson Brown, AJ4EY, Allon Stern, KE3FYL, Sandy Sanders, 
WB5MMB, and Meg Gentges, AI4UX, and put in the new replacement repeater 
at the CIT building.

A huge thanks to everyone for all the help we got today.  Also a tip of 
the DARG hat to Vienna Wireless for letting us have their GE Mastr II 
backup repeater.  Also a tip of the hat to Craig Brown for all his help 
in learning about repeaters and what it takes to build one that works.

All indications so far are that it is working as expected.  The 
directional watt meter shows 90 watts out of the transmitter which is 
what was set at the lab.  The repeater is now identifying as W4DLS Repeater.

You will need a 77 Hz PL tone to key it at 144.710 in and listen at 
145.310 out as before.

The repeater is now turned over for amateur use.  Lets put it to use.

Frank K0BRA

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