FM Pirate at 87.7

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Tue Aug 11 23:34:48 CDT 2009

I'm not sure that 87.7 is a pirate station.  I'm not there anymore, but I
recently saw some mentions at about the 87.7 station, and owners
Mega Media, planned to do a dance radio station, ala a "Pulse" station in
New York.  Since then, Mega Media has filed for chapter 11.  Check out for ongoing DC area radio and TV gossip.

That doesn't sound like a pirate to me, just bad business decisions.

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> Tacoistas,
> Bill Finn, N4TS dropped by the lab and mentioned there was a strong
> pirate on 87.7.  Sure enough, we tuned and there it was.  It is a
> Hispanic station so I do not understand it or know quite why it is
> there.  Is this some sort of a special agreement with the FCC that
> certain people get?  Is it a special format BPL signal?  Can I expect to
> see it next week?
> I'll see everyone Thursday night at the meeting for the talk on
> precision clocks.
> Frank K0BRA
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