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Wed Aug 26 10:58:31 CDT 2009

1. Smart Grid Projects Pick Up Speed
Making the electricity grid "smart" has become a priority in many 
countries, but as the field has no defined standards, this will be difficult to 
achieve. That's why IEEE recently launched an initiative to develop smart 
grid standards and write guidelines on how such grids should operate for 
the power engineering, communications, and information technology 
areas. Read on at

2. Web Site Demystifies Nanotech 
Nanotechnology, which refers to the manipulation of all-but-invisible 
material less than 100 nanometers across, is used in more places than 
you can imagine. New nanotech products come on the market at the rate 
of three or four a week. But though it's an up-and-coming field of 
engineering, nanotechnology is still a mystery to many who might find it a 
compelling area of study. To explain the ins and outs of the technology, 
IEEE has launched, a Web site developed in conjunction 
with IBM and the New York Hall of Science. Learn more at

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