Need a couple of dead PC Power supplys

Michael Chisena ka2zev at
Mon Sep 7 09:11:09 CDT 2009

I would like to beg a couple of used / broken PC power supplies as parts donors for a project.
Standard silicon diodes have about a .7 volt drop across when conducting. That translates into dissipated watts and heat.
Schottkey's have about a .1 volt drop when conducting, therefor waste less energy as heat.
The bigger PC supplies ones have dual schottky diode modules in them.
If memory is any good at all,  schottky diodes are just the thing for making a vehicle battery isolator for items in my truck.
The last few I had became repair parts for an Astron P/S with diode problems.
If the polarity of the single part is not right, I will just have to use two of them to make what I want.
The current range of about 30 amps is just right.
Let me know if you have some.
Thanks in advance.
Mike in Herndon
703 863 4574

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