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Tue Sep 8 09:41:11 CDT 2009

Corky and all,

Alberto, I2PHD, has written a nice program called WINRad and has posted 
a bunch of docs and *source* at

and linked from

It is a nice demod program and I have used it with my SDR-IQ.

It looks like enough information is there to write/modify a DLL to use 
this with the Charleston receiver.  Particularly attractive is the 
source code so we can move a function out of the computer and over to 
the FPGA, one function at a time or entirely new functions.  Kinda like 
a lego set for SDR design.

I have added tacos to this email so everyone can see what is going on 
with the Charleston receiver.

Has anyone else had a look at adapting WINRad yet?

Frank K0BRA

Craig wrote:
> I decided to give it a try after installing the last few parts and fired 
> up the board today.  After a couple of false starts with the wrong 
> version of the Adept drivers, it works as advertised with the test 
> code.  Now to try to get it working with some SDR software that will 
> actually demod the signals.
> 73'sand thank you Frank for putting this build together,
> -Corky, AF4PM
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