Finishing Charleston Build with Voltage Regs

fgentges at fgentges at
Fri Sep 11 13:56:17 CDT 2009

We talked about the Charleston receiver and the attraction of having an 
FPGA last night at the AMRAD meeting.

Bill Fenn brought in the voltage regulators and I now have them.  I plan 
to come out to the lab tomorrow, Saturday at 10 AM and those remaining 
with boards needing regulators can come out.

I have done the boards of George Lemaster and John Teller for practice 
:-)  I have learned how to do it and what not to try.

We may be able to power up and test while here.

Hopefully, we can get it done and head over to tacos by leaving here by 
12 noon.

If you cannot make it let me know and we will work out something.

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