Elderberry Prevents Swine Flu or Does It?

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Mon Sep 21 09:17:30 CDT 2009


An article in Laboratory Equipment outright states that Elderberry 
Prevents Swine Flu.  The article goes on to say that HerbalScience Group 
LLC studied it and published in Phytochemestry, a peer review journal 
published by Elsevier, a respected publisher.  If this is really true, 
why have we not heard of it anywhere?  This should be really big news.

The article describes:

Central to the research was the use of a direct analysis in real time 
time-of-flight mass spectrometer which is able to detect, identify with 
high accuracy, and quantify the hundreds or thousands of individual 
chemicals present in botanical extracts.

It looks like I should go get a bottle of elderberry extract just to be 
safe.  On the other hand, is this just a marketing gimmick that is not 
being seen as credible in the medical community.

There is no shortage of those selling elderberry juice and concentrate 
in the herbal remedy business.  Pricing seems above that seen for many 
other extracts.

See attached and following links.



Frank K0BRA
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