Elderberry Prevents Swine Flu or Does It?

Joseph Bento joseph at kirtland.com
Tue Sep 22 13:57:18 CDT 2009

Well now....!  I'll just keep my Jagermeister all to myself then.  Would 
you believe I once had a collection of nearly 100 of the little cordial 
glasses that often come with the bottle?

I like sour gummy worms as well.  Yes, I am a strange one.  :-P

I make amends through my fondness of nixie tubes and other antiquated 
display technologies.


Joe, N6DGY

Philip Miller Tate wrote:
> Jaegermeister is truly disgusting. But Underberg is absolutely foul.
> Both were designed for the same purpose - to settle (read "paralyze") 
> the stomachs of hunters so that gurgling and er, gaseous release would 
> not alert the deer that were their prey. But for social drinking? Yuk, 
> forget it. Possibly even worse than Root Beer and American Hard Gums.
> Sorry, but the truth hurts.
> Phil M1GWZ

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