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Sun Aug 16 17:37:01 CDT 2009

Even better if the regular path is in the Annapolis area as well, since a second digi is there. 
There is an I Gate near Balto City as well.

Right now the known borders are 
Berryville on RT 7 
Linden on RT 66
The top of Oxen Hill on the 495 into Maryland.

The good news is I am willing to loan you a radio, APRS controller and if I have to a GPS puck.

The bad news.

What I am un able to supply is an antenna at this time.
HRO has a cheap but very good MFJ mag mount for about $37 that works great.

When the radio transmits it draws about 25 amps for one second.

This radio lacks some of the usual amenities of my more refined APRS sets.

For example it will have to be turned off at the end of a trip.

I recommend an APO device for this task. 
If not it will trash a car battery in fairly short order.

If you have a 2m 5/8ths antenna, you also have a 6m 1/4 wave antenna.
I do not have a diplexer to spare at this time.

For the moment, I have my units set to transmit every 15 seconds. 

KA2ZEV-5 (110 watt)
KA2ZEV-6 (50 watt)

At 60 MPH that works out to one transmission every 1/4 mile. 
We can program up the controller for more normal patterns.
I can also program the radio to give two power settings.
A high power setting and a low power one on the next channel over.
So far a value of 20 watts has been used with good results.

In operation the radio makes a 'click' as the T/R relay pulls in and let's go. This is quite audible.

I can issue a speaker with the equipment if you want to hear traffic on the channel.

So if you drive a great many miles, have a good enough DC power system, an antenna, and are willing to deal with this units limits, I would like to offer one of these for a two week test.

Thanks in advance

ka2zev at

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