Elderberry Prevents Swine Flu or Does It?

riese-k3djc at juno.com riese-k3djc at juno.com
Wed Sep 23 13:41:01 CDT 2009

Well you peaked my curiosity

as Wed is suck down a bottle of wine and watch a movie night
I stopped by the local state/package/wine store and there 
in the NEW shelf was the new Unicum,, so I bought a bottle
and while I wouldnt like the hangover effects if you consumed
too much the overall effect of a sip wasnt all that bad
and my stomach did feel better,, started off with a nice mixed
citrus and ended with a dark chocolate finish, felt nice on the tongue


On Wed, 23 Sep 2009 11:18:20 -0600 Joseph Bento <joseph at kirtland.com>
> PS Incidentally, if I found a bottle labelled "Unicum", I'd probably 
> paint my woodshop with it (it sounds like it's designed to 
> impregnate 
> anything).
> Else with the red cross on the bottle, it might be mistaken to be 
> some 
> sort of antiseptic. Then again, it might word admirably as such.
> Joe, N6DGY
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