Portable Processor Display and much much more

Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Fri Sep 25 19:38:18 CDT 2009


While we ponder the future work on the Charleston receiver and all that 

Chris Albertson posted a nice idea for a processor development system on 
the Softrock40 newsgroup.  Rather than trying to reword it all, I have 
copied a portion below.

Chris has been CC:ed and hope he drops by AMRAD.org to see what we are 

This is from Chris Albertson
Redondo Beach, California

Have you seen Apple's iPhone or iPod Touch? ~500Mhz ARM processor and
a fast GPU. The GPU can be used for numeric or DSP crunching. It has
audio in and out and a nice built-in display and battery.

Apple provides a truly huge set of development tools for free and even
gives you a simulator so you can do most of the development work
without needing a real iPod. There are thousands of examples of
complex software that runs on the iPhone/iPod. Also, it is very easy
to learn how to program on one of these. Training is available in
books, on-line videos and 100 other ways.

You can buy an iPod touch for $199 and when you are not doing SDR with
it you can listen to music or read your email.

I doubt you could connect a DSP eval board to a battery and LCD
display and housing for $199 and if you did I doubt it would fit in a 
shirt pocket.

Not bad for the price.  How do we hack an SDR front end into one?

Frank K0BRA

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