RegionalEmergency Exercise tomorrow

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I have learned through my sources, that the Medical Community and Police and 
FBI are planning a series of planned  truck bomb eradications and other interesting things,
 tomorrow at 930\am . Jurisdictions affected are:
Alexandria, Arlington(exercise in Crystal City), Fairfax County, Prince William(VRE Rippon Station), 
and D.C.
The Alexandria City Police Newspage has details:
 From WTOP also has mention.
Fairfax Nothing...

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Oh My!  It seems the Iranian AWACS airplane got involved in a mid-air crash and was destroyed. This must be an important loss for their military.  I don't think they can make their own.

The following is from DEBKA.

23 Sept. Up above a big military parade in Tehran on Tuesday, Sept. 22, as Iranian president declared Iran's armed forces would chop off the hands of any power daring to attack his country, two air force jets collided in mid-air - one Iran's only airborne warning and control system (AWACS) for coordinating long-distance aerial operations, DEBKAfile's military and Iranian sources disclose.
As the soldiers marched past, followed by a line of Shehab-3 missiles and an air force fly-past, planned to give Ahmadinejad a dazzling send-off for New York and add steel to his UN Assembly speech, the AWACS' collided with one of escorting planes, a US-made F-5E. Both crashed to the ground in flames. All seven crewmen were killed.
The loss of this airborne control system has left Iran's air force and air and missile defenses without "electronic eyes" for surveillance of the skies around its borders.
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