Another SDR UI option

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Sun Sep 27 20:49:25 CDT 2009

Douglas Gentges wrote:
 > Another option for a user interface would be the Zii (,  

Mike O'Dell writes:
 > the newest OMAP processor from TI which is the base of all

Another approach is to modify an existing hardware design to tie
in to your own custom stuff. And that is easier when the existing
hardware design is available in a modifiable form, such as:

Perhaps you are thinking, "That would be better if it had a radio
in it!" like the TI CC1111F32 Low Power RF System-on-Chip that
another Open Hardware project uses:

If you are thinking, "Why add a user interface using some system,
why not just build the user interface into the FPGA?", you are not alone.

Kinda like the Reeses' peanut butter cup:
"You got FPGA on my CPU!"
"You got CPU in my FPGA!"

Of course, if all this low-power stuff is getting you down,
watch this high-energy video:


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