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Wed Oct 7 14:27:30 CDT 2009


We have the potential join in the HacDC Xilinx/Verilog workshop. See

We need to find out more about the details so Rob and I are going down 
to the first session tonight in DC.  We should come back knowing a whole 
lot more about what they are doing and how we might set up our own 
sessions here at the lab.

My idea is to meet at the lab on Wednesday nights and go over the same 
material that HacDC did the previous week.  That gives us a week to get 
the videos etc. on site for our session.  We can have some snacks and 
drinks for everyone.  Most important is we will be able to help each 
other as a group to get over the hard spots.

If we get this worked out I would like to know how many people would be 
coming out. You do not have to have been one of our Charleston receiver 
builders to participate.

Frank K0BRA

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